NISSAN M35 Stagea Performance Cold Air Intake Pipe

M35 intake pipe , M35 cold air intake , M35 performance intake pipe

Nissan Stagea M35 performance cold air intake pipe for the VQ25DET to suit aftermarket air filters and standard air box.

It's an interesting design, whereby it steps off the turbo at 2.5" (same as the turbo outlet), and expands to 3". It's been made in two halves, with the halves held together by a spring. It's a design we have been using for some time on other cars with great success, and is easier to use than a piece of silicon and hose clamps.

The shape is designed for both maximum flow and to ensure that it fits around things on the car, primarily the air con hose, without stretching it and causing stress on it. After all, these things are our road cars and we want to retain creature comforts!

Price: $480.00
Weight: 1.2 kg

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